Scientology state in the Balkans ?

The BUL_GR_A_VIA project is a Scientology initiated effort to gain control over a Balkan region that included Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia, in order to establish a safe geographic territory (if not a Scientology state), from which to operate globally, with the minimum of disturbances. The documents show, the efforts started at the end of 1992 and around December were taking shape.

Albania, apparently, was the first country to be chosen, since its internal problems, destabilized it, making it an easy target, looking for any assistance to stand on its feet. The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) was the infiltrating tool of Scientology and very understandably so, since for a covert operation in this scale, pure Scientology would not make good Public Relations, given its terrible reputation worldwide.

The plan lists the following fields of activity:

  1. Establishment of the ALBANIA BUILDING & TRADE COMPANY - ABT to conduct business in the field of building material, including the setting up of production units for marble, piping, cement, chalk, etc.
  2. Establishment of the first private Bank in Albania, pointing out that "a license from the Bank of Albania is easily obtainable for WISE members".
  3. Newspaper industry. This is cute, considering the hatred of Scientology against journalists and the Media.
  4. Exploitation of countryside products, such as fruit, milk even water resources.
  5. Tourist industry, especially hotels.
  6. Transportation, even founding an airline.
  7. Telecommunications, mentioning an invitation to tender for a mobile telephone network, expected at the beginning of 1993.
  8. Computer Industry for introducing high technology and software.
  9. Mining and exploitation of coal deposits.
  10. Furnitures, textiles, handicrafts, etc.
This project was of vital importance for Scientology, as indicated by a 1992 document from the Bookstore Officer of the Advanced Organization Saint Hill United Kingdom, in which Scott Chaplin writes "... Albania is part of OUR fourth dynamic. We can't have a weak spot, or sector in non-alignment ... We as a Fourth Dynamic Entity can't afford any weak spots". In other points he says "Only a few years ago, Albania had one of the most suppressive communist governments and cruelest dictators on the planet. Now Democracy reigns." !!! I wonder where he discovered it.

The Scientology organization in Greece (KEPHE) seems to have been given the duty to monitor the Orthodox Archbishop of Albania, Anastasios Giannoulatos. In the seized document No 50 (numbered by the Hellenic Criminal Research Directorate) dated March 31, 1994, the Archishop is marked as enemy with danger number 50. The Archbishop of Greece and father Anthony Alevizopoulos are marked with 100.